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 Dear Colleague,

One of the many benefits of membership in the Society for Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology (SBCN) is a remarkable 60% discount on your subscription to the Society’s journal, Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology.  The regular U.S. individual rate is $356 (international $415).  With the special discount, available only to SBCN members, you’ll receive this unique journal for only $140/year.

If you are not yet familiar with the journal, let me explain how it can enhance your practice and research.

Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology is an innovative forum for advances in the neurologic understanding of cognition, behavior, and their disorders, as well as possible treatments.  Each quarterly issue might present therapeutic trials and other experimental and observational studies, experimental and observational case reports, brief reports, review articles (including reviews of clinical practice), first-person accounts of neurologic conditions, position papers, hypotheses, opinion papers, commentary, historical perspectives, book reviews, instructional articles for interested students and for professionals in other fields, and cutting-edge articles that do not fit neatly into any category.

Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology is distinct for its patient-oriented perspective.  In its interests and the expertise that it reflects, the journal is uniquely positioned among mainstream neurology and psychiatry, cognitive neuroscience, and research psychology.

Here’s a sampling of recent articles:

  • Empathic deficits in combat veterans with traumatic brain injury: a voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping study, David M. Driscoll, Olga Dal Monte, Jeffrey Solomon, Frank Krueger, and Jordan Grafman
  • The coin-in-the-hand test and dementia: more evidence for a screening test for neurocognitive symptom exaggeration, Ryan W. Schroeder, Caleb P. Peck, William H. Buddin, Jr, Robin J. Heinrichs, and Lyle E. Baade
  • Effectiveness of the combination of memantine plus vitamin D on cognition in patients with Alzheimer disease: a pre-post pilot study, Cédric Annweiler, François R. Herrmann, Bruno Fantino, Bernard Brugg, and Olivier Beauchet
  • Delusions of death in a patient with right hemisphere infarction, Yoshiyuki Nishio and Etsuro Mori
  • Beyond alcoholism:  Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome in patients with psychiatric disorders, Laurie M. McCormick, Judith R. Buchanan, Obiora E. Onwuameze, Ronald K. Pierson, and Sergio Paradiso
  • Book review:  Memory Loss: A Practical Guide for Clinicians, by Andrew E. Budson and Paul R. Solomon, Howard S. Kirshner
  • “Language construction in an autistic child: thoughts regarding language acquisition and language therapy”:  translation, update, and commentary on a 1977 case report, Hellmut Thomke and Katharina Boser
  • A mind “surrounded by a moat”: a first-person account of cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis, Anonymous and Edith B. Stern
  • Commentary:  Understanding cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis: integrating a first-person perspective with neuropsychological testing, neuroimaging, and cognitive neuroscience research, Susan M. Courtney

You can download the order form here.  For more information about the journal, please visit http://www.cogbehavneurol.com/.  Once there, you can click on “Trial Issue Request” to read a sample issue at no charge.

Remember that you can subscribe to Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology at the special 60% discount when you join the SBCN.  Be sure to sign up for your subscription when you claim your membership benefits.


Barry Gordon, MD, PhD
Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology